Erin’s Bio

Erin Taylor is a certified Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher from the International Center for Reiki Training and a certified Shamanic Reiki Level 2 Practitioner from Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. Erin is also a certified Transformational Life Coach through the Transform Coaching Academy and a certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner through ‘Therapy of the Soul’ (TOS).

In 2014, when faced with tremendous life changes including her Mother’s diagnosis of terminal cancer, Erin sought out Reiki Energy Healing as a method of maintaining harmony and balance in her life in order to be the caregiver – spiritually, emotionally and physically, her Mother needed. The Reiki energy healing she received became a catalyst for personal transformation – impacting her personal relationships, physical well-being and spiritual growth and became a tool she used to bring healing, peace and comfort to her Mother through her transition. Erin began to study with her Reiki Master in order to bring this sacred method of healing, relaxation and restoration to others. This invigorated path of personal healing, study and practice led her to Shamanic Reiki, where the ancient wisdom of Shamanic healing – which utilizes the transformative and intuitive wisdom of nature to invoke healing – is combined with Reiki energy healing – leading clients, through divine guidance, to their powerful and innate ability to heal themselves from within. 
Through her preferred practice of Shamanic Reiki, Erin’s clients are led to harnessing a deeper sense of autonomy, presence and well-being, bringing inspired healing and harmony into their everyday lives.
Erin teaches Reiki workshops for all levels of Reiki certification. Erin is also a professional singer and writer of prose. Erin also performs intuitive Oracle/Tarot card readings.