A Reiki Session with Erin, What to Expect

By: Erin Taylor, Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner & Transformational Life Coach

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a spiritually guided, life-force energy healing technique that is practiced by ‘laying of hands’ to promote a deep sense of healing, relaxation and restoration of mind, body and spirit. Reiki allows a nurturing space to connect with the heart-center of ones being, allowing the analytical mind to be at ease, which creates a state of peace and receiving – where healing transpires at deep, cellular and soulful levels.
What is Shamanic Reiki?
Shamanic Reiki uses the ancient wisdom of Shamanism, which utilizes the transformative and intuitive powers of nature to heal, in combination with traditional Reiki Energy Healing. This combined healing technique leads clients to a peaceful and restorative space of relaxation where their whole selves – mind, body and spirit are brought into balance. The Shamanic Reiki practitioner is divinely guided to bring powerful healing elements of nature and intuition into the Reiki session, helping to awaken ones imagination and creative life-force energy – connecting them to their innate ability to heal themselves from within. In the Shamanic Reiki session, a deeper understanding of oneself emerges, creating a deeper integration and immersion into their healing process, and a heightened sense of awareness, harmony and peace in their daily life.
What happens in a Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Session?
The Room
The Reiki/Shamanic Reiki session will take place in a beautiful private room at Provence Wellness Center which has been staged and cleansed energetically by the Reiki Master for the healing session.  This safe, sacred and peaceful environment is enriched with the use of salt lamps, dimly lit lighting, an alter with candles and other sacred healing tools along with soft, meditation music to inspire relaxation. There is a massage table in the center of the room draped in cozy linens for additional comfort. The client will lay on the table for their healing session – fully clothed, without shoes, on their back.

The Healing Session
Pre-Healing Discussion
Each healing session begins with a conversation between the client and the Reiki Master. Some clients enter Reiki sessions with specific healing needs for their body, their emotions or their spiritual life and these needs are discussed as determined by the client. Other clients are simply seeking Reiki for relaxation, nurturing and self-care which is also discussed as per the clients direction. The Reiki Master will then describe what will take place in the healing session and what is to be expected regarding the manifestation of healing or how healing may occur in their life.
Pre-Healing Preparation
After the initial discussion with the Reiki Master, the client will lay on the Reiki table and will be instructed to close their eyes and connect with self through different breathing techniques instructed by the Reiki Master. During this time the Reiki Master prepares herself and the client for the healing session as governed by the sacred attunement the Reiki Master has been initiated within, which allows her to facilitate the ability to be a conduit of the universal life force energy that will divinely direct the healing.
The Reiki Healing
When the Reiki healing begins, the client remains on the table with their eyes closed, connected to their breath. The Reiki Master begins administering Reiki by the laying of hands on the clients head, body and feet at various energy centers (chakras) of the body. The Reiki Master will always seek permission to gently touch the clients body in these specific energy centers – (always mindful of not touching sensitive areas of the body such as the throat, breasts, groin or buttocks).
The Reiki Master will have explained to the client that during the Reiki session the client may feel or sense various sensations or feelings: such as sudden digestive rumbling, deep emotions rising, sudden deep sleep, intensified imagination and sounds – all of which are completely normal and an indication that energy is moving through the body and promoting healing. Some clients may not feel or sense anything other than deep relaxation and peace, such as when receiving a massage, which is also perfectly normal and also an indication that the energy healing has reached a deeply restorative state in the clients body.
The Reiki healing takes place in this quiet space for 50-60 minutes allowing ample time at each energy center to administer the healing fully, sometimes repeating the process, as divinely guided, in certain areas of the body.
Shamanic Reiki During Reiki Session
During the Reiki session the Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner will be further guided by intuition and divine guidance to use shamanic tools to enrich the healing session in a deeper, more immersive way. These Shamanic tools are derived from the healing elements of earth, air, fire, water and are used to enhance movement and cleansing of blockages in the energy centers of the body (via use of sound, feathers, rattles, drums, breath and stones) – followed by infusing the energy centers with elemental healing properties (such as crystals, flowers, water, breath and sound healing).  All of which balances the chakras, igniting deeper balance and harmony in the life of the client. The Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner may also interact with the client by way of taking the client on a sacred healing journey, that the Shamanic Reiki Practitioner guides the client through vocally, for enhanced healing.
*The Shamanic Reiki Practitioner has gone through rigorous training in the use of these Shamanic Healing techniques and will be versed in following their intuition and divine guidance to lead the client to deeper empowerment and healing of themselves from within.
Closing the Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Session
When the Reiki/Shamanic Reiki healing has been completed, the Reiki Master will close the session in a sacred way that restores and protects the healing that has taken place in the clients mind, body and spirit. The Reiki Master will gently ‘awaken’ the client and let them know the session has completed, instructing the client to slowly open their eyes. The Reiki Master will have explained to the client that the energy healing is cumulative, and the healing will continue on deep cellular levels after the session has been completed. The Reiki Master will advise the client to drink lots of water to replenish and enliven the body.
Post Reiki Session
Following the Reiki/Shamanic session, the Reiki Master will encourage conversation with the client regarding the session; how the clients feels, what transpired during the session that they would like to share, and to address any questions the client may have regarding the session.  The Reiki Master will also share any insights or messages she received intuitively during the session as further guidance for the client regarding their healing. During a Shamanic Reiki session the client may have an enhanced healing experience including visions and receiving direct wisdom and guidance from source. The Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner may have also received enhanced messages or guides for the client (such as power animals or specific messages from source or guides), which will also be shared and discussed. The client will be encouraged to write down any insights or experiences in a journal to keep record of their unique healing experience.
Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Benefits:
Clients walk away from Reiki/Shamanic Reiki healing feeling relaxed, restored, invigorated and hopeful with a sense of expansiveness and a deeper self- awareness and an enhanced feeling of love and lightness. Some of the other benefits clients have experienced are as follows:
*Deeper/more restorative sleep
*A diffusing of anxiety/nervousness
*Subsiding of stress
*Deeper emotional balance
*Heightened sensitively toward self-care and nurturing 
*Relief from physical ailments and pain
*A greater sense of peace/calm/harmony in themselves and the world around them
*Lessening of depression and deeper understanding around it
*Ease and clarity in decision making
*Answers to life path questions 
*Enhanced dreaming and intuitive messages
*Increased mental clarity
*Healing, understanding & gentle processing of grief/loss/heartbreak
*Understanding of the life and death cycles of our lives 
*Enhanced, more harmonious relationships 
*Increased joy
*More compassion and kindness
*Heightened Spiritual awareness
*Reiki/Shamanic Reiki is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic treatment and does not diagnose or promise treatment/healing of specific claims of illness or disease.
**Reiki/Shamanic Reiki is administered via a divine, loving energy source and as such is positive, restorative and healing and does not elicit negative experiences or energies.
***The Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner is professionally certified and attuned in Usui Reiki and Shamanic Reiki, enabling the practice of the energy healing techniques promoted in this article.