Letter From Our Reiki Master Erin

The Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Experience at Provence Wellness Center

By: Erin Taylor, Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner & Transformational Life Coach 

With an increased uprising for the need  of more love, equality, understanding, autonomy, wholeness, and well-being in our world, more and more people are seeking holistic healing modalities for themselves so that they can be the love and healing they wish to see in the world and and in their own human experience. 

I was experiencing such a need in my life…

I had just finished my inspirational training as a Transformational Life Coach and was preparing to start this new career when I  felt a need to care more for my physical body and health.  That is when I walked into Provence Wellness Center for the first time. I had come seeking a first class experience in colonics and lymphatic massage to help restore my far from perfect health. I will never forget walking into the doors of Provence that first time, the smell of lavender surrounding my whole being as I walked through the entry of the building and rode the elevator up to the 6th floor suites, where the magic takes place.  The space is set in the essence of the majestic comfort and peace of the beautiful French countryside, a waiting room infused with beautiful music, kind and compassionate staff, all providing a quiet and reflective space that seems far removed from the hectic life of New York City. I had a wonderful colonic experience at this place with a graciously astute colonic hydrotherapy practitioner. As if the colonic itself were not wonderful enough, I was greeted at the front desk following my colonic with a nice cup of clean water and a complimentary probiotic to help retain the good intestinal flora needed in my intestine after flushing out the bad stuff!   I knew I would want to return here, not just for the colonic healing, but to just ‘breathe in’ this space that seeemd to offer healing on its own accord. I went to make another appointment and was met with the option of buying a ‘mix and match’ package of 3 services at a discounted rate (packages of 6 are also offered). I purchased the package of three then and there (and many times after) and came back again for colonics and lymphatic massage. The lymphatic massage experience was not any less amazing than the colonics, with a generous practitioner who not only administered the lymphatic massage treatment but also gave me tools to care for myself at home and in between treatments. She even offered a healing package where I would receive lymphatic massage followed by a colonic for deeper cleansing and positive effects of both treatments, which had amazing results. 

In the midst of all the healing and self care I was met with devastating personal adversity surrounding death, loss and heartbreak in my life – all at once. During this time it occurred to me that Provence also offered Reiki Energy Healing, and with all of the upheaval, emotions, grief and exhaustion I was experiencing I knew that Reiki would help restore me to a sense of peace and well-being so I could process – in a healthy way – all that I was suddenly facing. I had one session left in my ‘mix and match’ package at Provence and booked a Reiki session to finish out my healing therapies I had received there. 

I walked in for my Reiki session and was met by the gifted Lisa Dee, Reiki Master. My first session with Lisa can not be described in any other way, than ‘Life-Changing’. Not only did Lisa have immense experience as a Reiki Master, she also healed her own life through Reiki and her story was profoundly moving to me. In my first Reiki session I had immense healing, I also realized on the Reiki table that I was a healer too, the session had awakened in me my own propensity to not only heal myself, but to become a healer for others in this same way. It seems I had a calling that became clear to me in that first session. What transpired following that first Reiki session with Lisa was months of continued healing through Reiki sessions at Provence. I tell people often that Reiki saved my life…and most importantly it allowed me the depth of love and the tools required to aid my mother through her terminal illness and transition while taking care of my son and his heart and needs at the same time, while also restoring broken relationships and my broken heart. This breadth of change in my life lead to Lisa becoming my Reiki Teacher, where I became a Reiki Master/Teacher myself under her direction over a period of time. I soon opened up to other healing modalities I would become certified in to incorporate into my Reiki sessions including Spiritual Healing and Shamanic Reiki Healing (under different teachers). 

It seems I have come full circle on my journey through my own personal healing and through becoming a healer myself and I am so grateful to be continuing the work at Provence Wellness Center that Lisa began, now enhanced with Shamanic Reiki, my preferred method of healing for my clients. 

When I began the Reiki Healing with Lisa, I already had an understanding of what Reiki was, and of what it could do for me. With her further guidance in the treatment room and my profound healing experiences as well as the further study of Reiki and then Shamanic Reiki, I became further enlightened about the power of Reiki – where wisdom and faith grew out of my own experience in receiving Reiki and administering Reiki to clients. It became quite clear over time as I welcomed new clients into my practice, that not everyone knows or understands what Reiki is, what Reiki can do for them, and what to expect in a Reiki session – and adding Shamanic Reiki as my preferred method of energy healing created more inquiry around the difference between Reiki and Shamanic Reiki and the healing benefits that can be attributed to receiving this method of healing that changed my life and the trajectory of my life in immeasurable ways. 

As such, I have lovingly written the guide below to answer any questions one may have about Reiki & Shamanic Reiki:  What is Reiki, What is Shamanic Reiki, What happens in a Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Session, What can I expect to experience in a Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Session, What benefits may I receive through Reiki/Shamanic Reiki Healing. 

It is my hope that you will join the family at Provence Wellness Center as a client who could benefit deeply form any of the treatments offered and where you may begin or continue your own path of healing in various ways offered here. I hope after reading the guideline below that you will have a deeper understanding of Reiki/Shamanic Reiki and that it affords me the opportunity to meet you on my table soon!


Light, Love & Healing,

Erin Taylor, Reiki Master/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner at the Provence Wellness Center